What is Ingress?

Ingress is a sci fi themed, GPS-based augmented reality mobile video game created by Niantic Labs. Two teams—the Resistance, represented by blue, and the Enlightened, represented by green—fight over control of "portals" capture-the-flag style. The portals are real-life, user-submitted locations such as places of worship, statues, murals, historical markers, and other landmarks, and players must be physically within 40 meters of a portal in order to perform game actions. Common game actions can be:

  • firing weapons to neutralize an enemy portal
  • capturing a portal for your team using a resonator
  • deploying a shield mod to protect a portal
  • linking two portals together, or better still, linking three portals together in a triangle to make a team points-scoring field
  • hacking the portal to get more weapons, resonators, and mods

Because of the real-life component of the game, Ingress is a world full of complex strategies and in-person teamwork, and RoC is here to support you as a player!